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The major UPRES products consisted of

  • Short courses: organizing workshops for urban planning personnel about renewable energy issues. See how these were organized in different countries.
  • Long training pilot programs: Delivering intensive training programs on energy in urban and regional planning during academic year 2011-2012 and extending the training to other universities in autumn 2012. The extent of the programs varied from 10 to 60 ECTS. To get more information on the national pilot trainings, check our pilot training pages.
  • Best practices: Information about 200 best practice cases from various EU countries, from which about 30 case examples were selected for the training purposes.
  • Tools: Creation of RES H/C planning tools for our training participants. Have a look on and download the tools at materials page.
  • Training material: During spring 2012 partners collated selection of training materials used in the pilot trainings. This training material and the UP-RES training concepts were translated be in 10 European languages.



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