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Training materials

In the UPRES project we have translated a set of training material on several European languages. The material is based on the experiences and materials used in the UPRES pilot training programs that were carried out in fall 2011-spring 2012. The set is designed to serve especially more extensive programs, but can be easily adapted to shorter programs as well as the structure is modularized. Each module consists of about 30 slides.

The training material is free to download, versions are available in PDF and PPT-format. In order to get the original PPT-files, please request for a username and password (request link can be found under the table). We would appreciate having your comments on the material, so please send your feedback to Anna-Maija Ahonen (anna-maija.ahonen[at]aalto.fi) and share your ideas how to improve it and experiences how you have utilized the material in your own training provision.

The training material below has been prepared  in the UP-RES project under the Intelligent Energy Europe programme. The material will be available to you until March 2015, no updates will be provided. We apply creative commons license: the material free to use for non-commercial purposes. When using the material, please refer to the source. If you make modifications to the original material, please send a modified version to original authors.

NOTE! If you are using Internet Explorer as web browser, first save the PPT-file on your computer. Once the file is saved, you can open it.

Languages Module

M 1 Sustaibale concepts

M 2
forms and trans-

M 3 Reduction strategies M 4 Buildings M 5 Renewable energy systems M 6
District heating and

M 7
The right scale

M 8 Management concepts M 9 Energy planning M 10
Trans-portation and mobility
English Introduction to modules ENG
Finnish Introduction to modules FIN
French Introduction to modules FR
German Introduction to modules DE
Italian Introduction to modules ITA
Polish Introduction to modules PL
Romanian Introduction to modules RO
Spanish Introduction to modules ES
Swedish Introduction to modules SWE
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Project documents and presentations

UP-RES Final report: Making Cities Energy Efficient Introduction to modules ENG

Finnish pilot training project case publication (pdf, in Finnish only) Introduction to modules ENG».

Short course information

Long course information

Evaluation reports

Energy-wise Urban Planner: Certification plans and outlines

Scientific articles

International presentations

(Round table discussions and presentations at Debrecen conference 2011)

International workshops

National presentations

Magazine articles

The articles below contain several pdf documents in the same file.


UP-RES Tools

Energy and greenhouse gas balance

Description        Estimates a city’s energy balance and GHG emissions
Type                    Excel
Version              5
Last changed    2011-07-05
Download          co2emission tool.xls »

This tool calculates a rough estimate of an energy and greenhouse gas emission balance for a given city from scarce data. Mandatory inputs are number of private households, number of employees in the tertiary sector and in industries. Information that is more detailed can be provided to increase precision of the estimate. As a fallback solution, additional data from national statistics is stored on a backup spreadsheet. It contains default values for all optional inputs. The greenhouse gas balance is calculated through emission factors, which assign a certain amount of emissions to each consumed energy unit.


Heat demand of residential buildings

Description        Estimates a building’s energy demand for room heating
Type                    Excel
Version              4
Last changed    2011-09-07
Download          heat demand of buildings.xls »

This tool can be used to assess the heat demand of a building by entering its surface area and climate zone. It allows for a quick comparison of the annual heat demand with building efficiency standards.


Heat map

Description        Estimates a city’s heat demand
Type                    ESRI ArcGIS toolbox
Version              1
Last changed    2011-09-07
Download          HeatmapTool.zip »

This toolbox for ArcGIS 10 and later implements a simple method to estimate heat demand of buildings from a database. The single needed input is a polygon layer of building shapes, together with an arbitrary building typology (“residential”, “office”, “industrial” …). It can be used to visualise areas of high heat demand, either for prioritizing districts for efficiency measures or for assessing viability of district heating.

More information on tools from Johannes Dorfner, johannes.dorfner [a] tum.de and Arto Nuorkivi, energy[a]nuorkivi.fi

Tools used in the Finnish pilot training:
Introduction to the tools Introduction to modules ENG
M 02 Fuel and emissions
M 06 District Heating Econom
M 06 Heat pumps and CHP


The sole responsibility for the content of this presentation lies with the authors. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union. The European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.



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